Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a sub-division of artificial intelligence and computer linguistics, which deals with everything where natural (human, not programmed) language interferes with computer language. 

Here, we are going to talk about numerous spheres of its application – computer translations, interfaces, text analysis, text generation, and many others.

After a long process of developing, your shop has finally opened for business. Around this time, the question of what to do next sharply raises. Do I need to buy support for my brand new and fully functional store?

The clear answer is yes, and it's not just words. Support can be regarded as a guarantee of a good night's rest. After all everybody needs it, right?

Nowadays  more and more companies adopt the model of remote business, and it  is not surprising, because there are many benefits. By choosing such a model of work, you can be sure - the best employees will work for you. It is caused because you do not limit yourself by choosing one city and if it is a million city, by choosing even a part of it. You will find good, qualified employee not being attached to the location. This model of work allows employees to be free in their movements, to travel and develop themself. Obviously, you will save money on rent and office support. By investing these funds into the salary of your staff, you will provide decent wages, attracting only the best professionals who can effectively increase your company's profits. I propose to consider the basic aspects of remote work.