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We have discussed the pros and cons of PWA development for business in the previous article.


What if someone tells you that it is possible to raise the amount of visitors across all browsers by more than 104%, double the session of visited pages on mobile brows

Shipping in the E-Commerce World

Let’s face it, a seamless shipping experience is essential to the success of any E-Commerce business.



We have all dreamed to hear heard these 3 words - research & development center. But do we really know what stands behind them?


In the last article we reviewed the simplest custom module with minimal functionality. Using the JQuery functionality we’ve also added certain logic to JavaScript.


Since code smells are common in repositories of Magento 2 projects, we decided to prepare a series of short articles about Javascript in Magento 2 and share them with you.


There are many advantages of Magento, and flexible search optimization is one of them.


Let’s face it, the main objective of every business owner is to increase sales.