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Our project teams

We work in small teams - the ones that become families where Great Products are born.
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Andriy Samilyak

Founding partner at Opsway

Sergey Morin

Founding Partner at Opsway

Pavel Melnik

Founding partner at Opsway

Here is our way to a successful eCommerce

Research and planning
Agile dev
1 Step discovery
What we will do:

As soon as you contact us, we hit the ground running. During the phase 0 we schedule an in-person meeting or call you up in order to understand your goals better and discuss all the specifics. In such manner, our experts would be able to create a robust solution customized specifically for your business according to your financial capabilities.

What you will get:
  • Thorough discussion of your ideas with the team of experts
  • Online NDA signing
  • Getting quote
  • Definition of your goals and approximate scope of the project
project team :
ui designer
2 Step project go
what we will do:

The next step is an organization of work on your project based on scrupulous analysis of your primary business needs. We are going to implement a workflow and adjust it to your requirements. Our experts will make drafts which would serve as a foundation for the further workflow, and develop the basic concept.

what you will get:
  • Elaborate setup of development process
  • UX/UI prototyping and design
  • Adjustment of dedicated workflow to your particular needs
project team :
3 Step development
what we will do:

The development stage includes the creation of your project’s architecture and infrastructure. The basic functionality and general part of your future solution’s framework will be developed. Our developers will apply their skills to the fullest extent to comprise a properly functioning, readable code.

what you will get:
  • Advanced programming capabilities
  • Thorough resource planning and distribution
  • Flawless operation of finished software
project team :
4 Step project launch
what we will do:

Once the basic development is finished, we will get to final touches. First, we will test your solution and fix any detected bugs. Then, we will take care of its proper launch making sure that everything is in place and looks and functions properly.

what you will get:
  • Scrupulous stress load testing
  • Elimination of any bugs and flaws
  • Proper launch of the developed software
  • The most elaborately implemented finished solution
project team :

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