Shopify design and development

If your business is in the developing state and you are looking for the most accessible way to implement your online e-commerce software - Shopify would be a great choice for you. It is very simple to setup and customize the platform.

With the help of OpsWay team of developers, you can easily start development of a more technically advanced solution or migrate to Shopify or Shopify Pro, which would also be a smooth process.

We provide such Shopify design and development services as:

  • Design customization
  • Custom extension development
  • Responsive website design
  • Integration with apps
  • Mobile versions optimization
  • Hosting, support and maintenance

Shopify Plus development

Shopify Pro platform will help enhance your large eCommerce business and ultimately take it to the next level. Designed specifically for high volume merchants, it employs all the powers of a standard Shopify framework plus an extensive set of extra features.

OpsWay team of dedicated experts provides the services of:

  • Painless migration to Pro version from any other solution
  • Custom theme and extension development
  • App integration
  • Optimization of mobile and tablet versions
  • Hosting, support and maintenance of the solution

Shopify custom theme development

Custom themes are important to any scales of business as they are essentially a visual representation of your idea. The first thing a client sees entering your online-store is its visual style. That is why unique custom themes are so important.

Team of professionals from OpsWay will make sure that the visual part of your website is able to provide:

  • Perfect user experience
  • Better usability and conversion
  • Personal business vision reinforcements

Shopify front-end optimization

The process of front-end optimization of your online store creates perfect user experience. If you want to provide your clients with carefree, rapid shopping instead of having them wait until some product or a page is loaded, it is better to optimize your store.

Our services are aimed to:

  • Shorten server response time
  • Apply lazy loading techniques
  • Eliminate render-blocking scripts and CSS

Shopify support

Constant, thorough maintenance of existing online-store is a key factor on its road to ultimate success. The Shopify-based solution must be updated in time in order to keep up with the market’s growing requirements.

OpsWay realizes the importance of proper support and timely updates and offers:

  • Perfect maintenance
  • Correction of any flaws and mistakes on-site
  • Timely take on preventive measures

Success cases


Online-stores and retailers that distribute mass-consumption goods as well as specific products. Various websites which are either dedicated to a certain product or several ones.

Fashion & Accessories

Fashion-related web resources that distribute clothes, jewellery and various accessories. Online stores dedicated to selling clothes for adults as well as for children and to providing women with beauty products such as makeup and lingerie.


Online resources dedicated to different kinds of modern entertainment. Web pages related to TV, cinema, music, fashion etc. that provide an online area for themed news, articles, discussions, comments and reviews as well as services (e.g. music production etc.).

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