Research & Development

Technical assistance

We all know that every action counts. We also know that small things matter. The overall level of service an organization provides its customers with depends on these small bricks that build up the organization, starting with the smile on the face of a sales person in an offline store, quality of goods or services and up to ease of navigation on the website or goods being out of stock but displayed on sale. Services that your organization provides measure business impact.

For a non-tech business that doesn’t focus on delivering digital solutions or technical expertise to its customers, the tech creates lots of overhead. Usually companies don’t know how to deal with it, they end up with poor user experience, downtimes, mess in warehouses or in accounting, etc. Not that it creates extra work for employees, but it also has a bad impact on a company’s reputation and reliability. OpsWay doesn’t recommend to leave it unattended.

There is a way out - let us take care of your overhead. Development of technical solutions for e-commerce businesses and assistance on the way up is our second nature.


Research and development constitutes the first stage of development of a potential new service or production process. Proper management is vital for any new process and beginning, not speaking about later stages.

Research and development are very difficult to manage since they constitute of many players from different industries. In information technology, especially when it comes to new product development or allocation of the best workforce available on the market, these players come out of tech, management, recruiting & hiring and legal industries.

OpsWay aims to bind them together and set up a unified interdependent system, each part of which is an integral unit, serving mutual goal and functioning like a perfect Swiss watch.

Legal assistance & Accounting assistance

Legislation is tough. Legislation abroad is tougher than it is in general, since every country has its own peculiarities and exceptions. Now imagine legislation for your R&D office in non English speaking country. Obviously it’s too risky to fully rely on in-house lawyers. OpsWay will help you hire the best local lawyers and will manage them for you, so that you can focus on more important things.

Accounting is important. Out of all the complex issues above it is your icing on the cake. Accounting can be challenging if there are no proper processes built or if you have to manage not only your in-house team, but also subcontractors, your R&D employees, etc. However people with prior and proper experience will easily handle your needs, approaching these tasks like a part of their routine. Choose who should manage your accounting overheads wisely.


OpsWay will help to build cost effective and reliable in-house team on site or offshore, interviewing and hiring experienced engineers from Eastern Europe. We know the in and out of the local market & we have our own in-house team of software developers that will enable us to ensure quality of recruiting on every stage. Affordable pricing, good English knowledge, top location of experienced resources on the global market, any technology that you need - we have got it all.