Partnership Programme

We are hosting a Partnership Programme for companies, marketing and sales specialists, project managers and like-minded folks dealing with eCommerce and app development.

Ambassador’s benefits

Participation as an ambassador will give you the following benefits:
  • Get a commission from each lead or contract we sign with your lead
  • Get a possibility to get more with more revenue generated
  • PR of your company
  • Bonuses for you and referred clients
  • Gift boxes

How to participate

Simply sign up with our
partner programme
Introduce us to prospective
customers of our services
Earn money each time you
find a client for us


Partner's benefits


10% from each contract signed

Transparent online system of tracking all contracts with your leads

Easy way to withdraw your money from the Partner Cabinet

Publication on the website (Partner's section)
Featuring on OpsWay social media
Featuring in the blog article
Interview with the company
Special bonuses
Help from our engineers - up to 30 hours* / year for you
Bonuses for referred clients: each client you refer gets free consultation, audit and recommendations from us (10 hours total) 
Partner Gift Boxes
*Depends on the Partner Badge

Interested but have questions?

Please submit the information below and we will contact you!