Magento 1/2 development

Medium, established businesses can use Magento to create an elaborate e-commerce solution and provide its expansion. Due to platform’s unique multi-site structure, it is easier to break into new markets and set up an international site.

OpsWay team of developers pays close attention to your specific requirements and is able to implement Magento-based online-marketplaces of any type. We possess extensive developmental skills and provide capabilities of:

  • Custom theme creation
  • Responsive website design
  • Extension development
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Mobile version integration
  • Migration of your existing store to Magento 2
  • Hosting and support

Magento performance optimization

Magento can at times suffer some performance issues and the only way to make the platform’s operation rapid and smooth enough for comfortable work is proper optimization. In order to optimize your online marketing solution we examine existing problems with the help of Magento audit and offer you possible solutions.

During the process of optimization we perform:

  • Stress and load tests
  • Database adjustment
  • Cache optimization
  • Peak season readiness (capacity and resource planning/sizing)

Magento frontend performance optimization

Frontend performance optimization can help provide your website with the perfect user experience. We will see it to that your website loads and runs smoothly and all the speed bumps that make interaction with site cumbersome are eliminated.

Proper optimization of page’s load speed is achieved due to:

  • Reduction of server’s time of response
  • Leverage of browser caching
  • Minification of Javascript, CSS and HTML
  • Implementation of lazy loading
  • Elimination of render-blocking Javascript and CSS in above-the-fold content

Magento support

Medium-sized businesses encounter many technical issues during their growth and development. They can suffer user overload due to product’s high demand. Timely solution for such case is crucial for online-store’s performance and can save a lot of money.

We offer a full 24/7 Magento and Magento 2 support services. Our support team is available at any time and is ready to fix all kinds of issues.

We provide you with:

  • Hot fixes
  • Helpdesk system support
  • Monthly backup and security updates
  • Live support by email and Skype
  • Monthly reports
  • Disaster management process
  • A personal approach to your business needs

Success cases


Online-stores and retailers that distribute mass-consumption goods as well as specific products. Various websites which are either dedicated to a certain product or several ones.

Fashion & Accessories

Fashion-related web resources that distribute clothes, jewellery and various accessories. Online stores dedicated to selling clothes for adults as well as for children and to providing women with beauty products such as makeup and lingerie.


Online resources dedicated to different kinds of modern entertainment. Web pages related to TV, cinema, music, fashion etc. that provide an online area for themed news, articles, discussions, comments and reviews as well as services (e.g. music production etc.).

More insights!

Since code smells are common in repositories of Magento 2 projects, we decided to prepare a series of short articles about Javascript in Magento 2 and share them with you.


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