Performance optimization

Magento Performance Optimization

As every business growth, performance requirements also change, especially in peak seasons, OpsWay test and tune our client's sites continuously to ensure the best performance at peak capacity. OpsWay has big experience in performance optimization for our clients, we are able to reduce page loads from 30 seconds to even fast 2 seconds in some cases. As a first step, store database was tuned to reduce query length. In addition to this the code components were made smaller at the application server level, and the server’s memory caching was significantly improved. Another important element is tunning of html by optimizing CSS scripts. When you decide to launch a hot proposition for your customers at the holiday season, you will logically have a huge raise of traffic and orders to your site, and in this situation, it's essential to be prepared for the impact it will inevitably have on your system.


With our virtualization technology, we can easily deliver processing, memory and storage on demand. This technology makes capacity available as you need it and when you need it. OpsWay is a huge believer of regular testing and tuning that ensure your business infrastructure to be always aligned with your business goals. Our capacity on demand options allow you to scale up as your customer traffic spikes and grows. To keep your e-commerce agile and limber OpsWay run following regular tests and tuning procedures:


  • Establishing backup procedures

  • Using the optimal software and hardware

  • Installing and tuning the PHP accelerator

  • Benchmarking the req/sec

  • Balancing Loads

  • Isolating performance bottlenecks

  • Adjusting Magento caches

  • Adjusting MySQL settings

  • Devising a database server monitoring plan

  • Devising a plan for further system performance optimization

  • Setting up autoscaling

We at OpsWay have a team of experts with several years of experience in Magento. From setting up backups in case a disaster happens to making sure your backend is always running at an optimum speed, we take care of everything. Contact us today for a stress-free online store management.