Magento support 24h/7 by OpsWay

Magento Support 24h / 7

OpsWay support puts a dedicated team of Magento professionals at the ready to ensure that your online store remains online, sustainable and competitive at all times. You will quickly get the peace of mind that your ecommerce platform is being fully supported 24x7.

How does it works? 

- Magento experts team available 24x7 

- Constant monitoring of your site for availablaility 

- Max 30 min reaction in case of site crashes

Problem reporting

  • Availability monitoring by 
  • Send issue report by email

Immediate reaction

  • Check DNS problems

  • Check connectivity using SSH

  • Check if it is reindexing issue, reindex if needed

  • Check all services (cache, DB, webserver) and reboot if needed
  • Check if webserver (Apache, etc) needs restarting
  • Flush any fullpage cache (FPC/Varnish)
  • Flush Magento cache
  • Check database for deadlocks