Quality Assurance (QA)


  • Problems


    When it comes to handling a project, Managers are always the one responsible for everything. There might be more people on the team, but nothing gets delivered before the Project Manager checks it for any bugs and signs it off for delivery.


    But, that is not the only responsibility of the Project Manager, he has his own work cut out for him which includes assigning work to other team members and himself, going into meetings with the management and making sure the client is always happy about the way things are being handled.


    In all this chaos, if the Project Manager is also meant to test functionality and manage bug reports, then there is no way everything can get delivered accurately on deadline.


    Have you ever thought of hiring a QA as an assistant for the Project Manager?

    Never? Would you consider it if we told you this could save you money and your Project Manager could finally focus on what is more important. 

  • Cause

    SOLUTION - Choosing a QA as an assistant 

    If a Project Manager  has a QA as an assistant, he can finally focus on all the other important work and the QA can take care of issues, such as:

    - Testing of developer’s task before delivery

    - Communicate with the developers directly and let them know about any issues

    - Bug report management

    - Help project leads to maintain the processes

  • Solution

    Now, we know what’s on your mind right now – hiring QA as an assistant definitely seems fruitful but it will also mean extra costs. We get it, we absolutely do.


    But think about it, you are probably paying your Project Manager $7,000 gross salary per month or even more. He is overloaded with work and not able to concentrate on all the work completely.


    By hiring a QA you might be spending $2,000 gross per month but, it will save more than 50% of the Project Manager’s time.


    Do you see the profit here?


    With the extra time, your Project Manager could completely concentrate on technical and business needs of your client.


    Are you convinced yet?

    With this strategy, every Project Manager and QA can transform an average development work into a high class product.


    At OpsWay, we have seen multiple cases of how introducing a QA to the team can greatly impact the end product. With more and more organizations taking a step in this direction, when are you going to hire a QA?