Frontend technologies at Opsway

Frontend Development Technologies in OpsWay

What we do?


OpsWay has strong expertise in range of frontend technologies and tools available. We are building applications of any complexity, from relatively simple scripts to complete applications running entirely on client side.


We are passionate about latest application development approaches like reactive programming and unidirectional data flow.​


What we use?


We are using leading opensource libraries, including but not limited to:

  • ReactJS
  • RxJS
  • Angular


Also we are using heart tooling to keep our applications working and maintain code quality:

  • WebPack, to pack and deliver our code to production in optimal an relieble way
  • ESLint, to ensure that our code style guideline are met

Interactive components


We can build interactive components of any complexity for existing or in new applications.


We can do it with Angular or React.


Also when using react we can implement server-side rendering for that componentns (which can give benefits with SEO).


Single Page Application


We have great experience building Single Page Applications.


With single page applications, you can achieve:

  • better user experience (faster navigation and more responsive in general)
  • new possibilities, like backgroud upload or music player without interruption when


Isomorhpic web application


While single page applications are offering lots of benefits, there is some typical issues associated with them.

  1. SEO - search engines, and crawling bots are not good at indexing them.
  2. Initial loading time (time before user will see actual content)


We have experience mostly solving both of them for an angular applications.


But now we are offering much better solution - when using ReactJS we can implement server side rendering, and it will solve both issues at once in best possible way.


Literally such applications would combine benefits from both single page applications and more traditional multipage applications.


Mobile applications


Except web applications we also are doing hybrid mobile applications using Cordova.


We have experience doing such applications using Angular with Ionic Framework.


And it is a great choise when you need quick way to get you app for all mobile platforms.


But we are not limited to Angular and Ionic framework - we can use React too.


And even more: when we are builing any Single Page Application - it would be relatively fast to package it as hybrid mobile app too.


Not just frontend


While we are doing any frontend of any complexity we are not limited to it.


We are offering backend development too. And we can build complete solution for your specific needs:

  • backend (data storage, processing, etc)
  • frontends for various platforms (web application, hybrid mobile application, and soon native apps using react native)


Why choose OpsWay?


Experience - having great background in whole range of technologies, we can offer solution that fits your needs at the best


Great frontend with server side rendering:

  • we have experience doing this
  • we have our own libraries and tools optimal for this


We can build frontend applications of any complexity - with tools like RxJS, React and leading approaches like reactive programming, we are capable do to this faster and better.


Using leading opensource tools and technologies available (ES2015, Babel, Webpack)


Contact us


If you have any questions or propositions.

Do heistate to contact us. You are welcome!