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To Build or Not to Build: Custom vs. Canned Solutions

The business world is growing rapidly, which means that your business needs to keep up with that pace. This is the reason why IT businesses turn to custom software development, simply because it meets their needs.


The “one size fits all” model of canned solutions that are ready to be picked up from the shelves don’t offer the flexibility that custom development does, focusing on business’s needs… but not your specific business needs.


In a recent report under the title “Drive Innovation Using the Right Skills: The Value of Custom Software Development,” it’s shown that business leaders are not just seeking development expertise. They are seeking a partner to help them transform their business in order to deliver an unforgettable digital experience.


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Here 82% of the total 200 decision makers surveyed believe that custom software meets their business needs, while creating competitive differentiation and driving innovation all at once.


Why Investing In Custom Software Could Be A Great Idea


If you’re looking to be in ahead of your competitors, custom development will provide you an incredible advantage to help you stand out from the crowd.


While canned solutions aim to address most business’s needs, your specific business needs may not be met.


They also can be difficult to modify, which may lead to decreased efficiency in daily operations. Down the road, the rigidity of not being able to remove or add features can cause issues for any business.


If you’re handling different software, it’s vital that they can work together. Canned solutions may not integrate with some programs, though. And the outcomes are, well, decreased efficiency.


A Look from the Other Side: Canned Solutions Might Be Right for You


When price is your main deciding factor, canned solutions are less expensive than custom. Many companies even offer a free trial before purchasing off-the-shelf software to see if it works for you.


In terms of time, if you’re in a rush, custom software may not be your initial choice. It takes a significant amount of time to build for it to be successful.


Canned solutions are already built and available to buy at any time. If you own a retail business, there are great canned solutions with a successful track record that can be effective for you.


Maybe technology isn’t your key factor in business? Let’s say you own a retail store and sell clothing. High-driven custom technology may not put you in front of your competitors, nor would it be a factor that will offer better quality of your product.


How Custom Development Can Scale Your Business


Software needs to grow at the same rate as your business, adapting to the ever-growing needs to fuel an unforgettable digital experience. Here are ways that custom development can scale your business:


·      Productivity: As the custom software is built just for you, you will know all of the ins and outs of the software. This will be simple for both you and your staff to operate for an impeccable workflow with increased productivity.


·      Ability to outperform competitors: It’s harder to outperform competitors if you’re using a canned solution just like them, while custom software offers you the advantage to differentiate.


·      React faster to change: After setting your team of developers in place, the tools and products that they will develop will keep you up to date with new technologies in your industry, helping you dominate the market.


Final Thoughts


Before choosing between custom development and canned solutions, think first about what’s best for your company.


What’s the key factor for your business? Will custom built technologies impact your product or service?


At the end of the day, a successful business should always seek to win, serve and retain their customers through a unique customer-focused strategy.