Ecommerce Infrastructure Services

Business stands for being able to adjust and respond quickly.

Sucessful eCommerce business stands for taking all risks of online commerce and delivering the best customer experience on time.

Time to move to a stable yet flexible system of delivery.

Our DevOps teams help eCommerce businesses with:

  • Ecommerce infrastructure design and setup
  • Audit and optimization
  • Infrastructure migration
  • Continuous Delivery process creation
  • Monitoring and support.

   Ecommerce Infrastructure Design and Setup

Our clients are always ready for Black Friday. They fully controll the delivery process and solve the problems extremely fast.

Working with DevOps team they get:

  • Hardware/Cloud Design according to your KPIs
  • Configuration management setup, dockerizing applications
  • Continuous Integration/Delivery/Deployment processes according to development process required by development team
  • Monitoring systems setup, alerts and triggers configuration
  • Autoscaling setup if needed.

   Infrastructure Migration

  • Current infrastructure Audit
  • AS-IS model description
  • New Infrastructure
  • Design according to requirments and existing infrastructure features
  • New Infrastructure Implementation, Testing
  • Soft switching between infrastructures using load balancing
  • Full infrastructure migration.

   Monitoring Setup

Need to migrate to the new infrastructure or would like to have more transparency on existing one?

Monitoring tools give our clients the information on the infrastructure bottlenecks and empower to make data-based desicions.

  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Transparency reports - you will know what is going on with your servers and why you have some problems time-to-time
  • Statistic to take strategic decisions
  • Cost analysis possibilities.

   Continuous Delivery process creation

It is time to boost your changes.

Fully controlling the delivery process, our clients are able to solve the problems much faster and see the whole picture as it is.

  • AS-IS analysis of your current deployment process
  • New Process Design according ans approval
  • New Process Technical Implementation, Infrastructure changes possible on this stage
  • Training for development team and process implementation support.


   DevOps support

Sometimes there is no need to build your own DevOps team.

Yet the need to solve the DevOps problems stays and makes your Growth slower.

OpsWay DevOps professionals are available 24x7 to make the deployment process much easier and support your infrastructure.

What we bring to the table:

  • 24x7 DevOps engineers availability
  • Infrastructure Support and problem-solving
  • Deployment process Support and problem-solving
  • Taking deployment responsibility if needed
  • Monitoring configuration maintenance
  • Continuous changes.

Success cases


Online-stores and retailers that distribute mass-consumption goods as well as specific products. Various websites which are either dedicated to a certain product or several ones.

Fashion & Accessories

Fashion-related web resources that distribute clothes, jewellery and various accessories. Online stores dedicated to selling clothes for adults as well as for children and to providing women with beauty products such as makeup and lingerie.


Online resources dedicated to different kinds of modern entertainment. Web pages related to TV, cinema, music, fashion etc. that provide an online area for themed news, articles, discussions, comments and reviews as well as services (e.g. music production etc.).

More insights!

Since code smells are common in repositories of Magento 2 projects, we decided to prepare a series of short articles about Javascript in Magento 2 and share them with you.


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