Yamagiwa is an online catalog of crafted jewelry for retail. The store operates in Ukraine. The pieces of jewelry can be bought in several offline stores throughout this country, though the catalog of products can be found on the company's website.

Industry: Crafted Jewellery


In such industries as jewelry, it is of great importance how the goods will be presented to buyers. Much of the success depends on it in the sale of jewelry. Our task was to create a modern catalog for products made from Japanese pearls, which will attract buyers with its beauty and nothing will distract them from the choice of products.


As a solution, we have created a website where you can get acquainted with all the products of stores online, learn about the benefits of this jewelry production, details about the company and addresses of boutiques.


Not everyone can come in contact with beauty, but we were lucky to work with Yamagiva. Now all the Internet users and customers of our partners can touch the perfect without leaving their homes.