WaysBook is a traveling resource which allows people get all the necessary information concerning traveling sites, hotels and more before the journey.

Industry: Travel & Entertainment


On the Internet one can find a lot of information about countries, cities, and places of interest. There is a huge number of blogs and useful information but it will take a long time to find the right information resources. That is how an idea of WaysBook has appeared - a portal on which all the most useful data will be collected, and which will be enough to choose favorite places and learn all the details.


It's time for us to make every effort to get the best decision. In our opinion, for the implementation of this project, the Yii1 framework is the most suitable. This allowed us to create a powerful information portal that meets all the needs of travelers.


As a result, the idea could come to life: the proposed solution could make the site not just an encyclopedia of a beginning tourist but a platform for a whole community of travelers.