Tifogo is an ultimate soccer-news platform where all soccer fans create profiles and read the soccer news they care about.

Industry: News


The client came to OpsWay with an idea of creating a soccer news aggregator where one can read posts and articles from a vast array of news resources. One more challenge for OpsWay to implement a registration feature for the news to be sorted according to the preferences (favorite teams, players, and soccer leagues).


OpsWay created a one-stop soccer news portal. We developed a visually-appealing design for the website. We also created a specific parser, so we can process links of all kinds in one place. And now there is no need for soccers fans to search the Web for hours. At Tifogo, they can get carefully sorted news according to the themes set in the profiles.

Tifogo Features:

  • User Profiles
  • YouTube Videos
  • Tweets
  • Facebook News
  • RSS Feed News
  • Instagram Posts

Due to the popularity of mobile apps, OpsWay developed a mobile app for iOS and Android users.


Tifogo became very popular among soccer lovers. There are more than 1000 links to the articles available, and its number is increasing.