Just Ingredients

Just Ingredients

JustIngredients.co.uk is an Internet store from the United Kingdom selling high-quality organic ingredients worldwide via retail and b2b channels.

Industry: Food Trading


Today, it has become particularly important how much quality products we consume. There was a need to provide users with free and quick access to organic food such as herbs, spices, salts and much more. The Internet seemed to be the ideal solution for the distribution of such products.


Our team developed custom new features that perfectly combine the usability and quality of the product presentation along with ongoing support of the website. Simple navigation on the site allows you to easily find the right ingredients and buy them straight from the comfort of your home.


Encouraging the development of solutions for the promotion of healthy eating, OpsWay team is changing the world for the better opening opportunities for people from all over the world which previously were not available to them. As a result, the online store of ingredients works and makes users happy with new products. Moreover, our cooperation with Just Ingredients has not ended with it: the project is still active, so wait for updates!