FitLife is a website for sport and fitness lovers in Kiev, Ukraine, helping people to find a fitness club, personal coach, and more interesting information about healthcare, training and nutrition tips, etc.

Industry: Sports and Fitness


When clients came to us, there was nothing but an idea, a brilliant idea. Together with them we developed the website concept, thought out how to organize such a resource in the best possible way. It had to embrace the interests of users and coaches, owners of fitness clubs into a perfect symphony of active and healthy lifestyle.


After a considerable brainstorming, we began the development. All the project was designed from scratch, so it was a lot of work to be done. We always thought how to make it even better, what functions will help sports fans and coaches to find each other.


As a result of our work, a valuable resource for finding trainers and organizing active leisure has appeared. We are grateful to our clients for fruitful cooperation and the opportunity to be involved in popularizing a healthy lifestyle among people.