Antoshka is an online version of the store for children offering school goods, toys, clothes, etc. The network of these shops is located in Ukraine, and the website is an addition to numerous offline shops throughout this country.

Industry: Goods for Children


Working with online stores, supporting them often gives their owners a lot of inconveniences. Often there is a need to customize or adjust some parts of a system to the needs of a particular business. In this case, the custom development becomes necessary.


It is hardly ever possible to track all the customization tasks that were provided to Antoshka. We worked scrupulously to make life easier for the client. And even if not all the results of our work are obvious for users (we consider, only 10% of them can be seen to the customers of the website, namely, the website redesign), they contributed greatly to the client’s success.


Now the active development phase is over and just like our clients we are completely satisfied both with the results and cooperation. This experience was useful for us and gave the customers more opportunities.