Altsest is an online store for professionals to get a high-quality equipment without living their homes. The website works in Ukraine. Also, the organization has several offline stores throughout the country.

Industry: Professional Equipment Store


Highly skilled specialists are always very much needed by society, and their work is highly valued. That is why it is so important to create comfortable conditions for their work. To find a reliable, high-quality tool can sometimes be difficult, and the search for the right equipment takes lots of precious time. For this reason, there was a need to move the trading platform online.


The OpsWay team has done everything to make life easier for such specialists. We have developed a simple and intuitive interface for simply searching for the right product in the catalog. All this is associated with modern infrastructure and an attractive design.


As a result, our client has received a wonderful site that fully meets his needs and the needs of his users. We are grateful for the useful experience and pleasant cooperation.