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Online-stores and retailers that distribute mass-consumption goods as well as specific products. Various websites which are either dedicated to a certain product or several ones.

Fashion & Accessories

Fashion-related web resources that distribute clothes, jewellery and various accessories. Online stores dedicated to selling clothes for adults as well as for children and to providing women with beauty products such as makeup and lingerie.


Online resources dedicated to different kinds of modern entertainment. Web pages related to TV, cinema, music, fashion etc. that provide an online area for themed news, articles, discussions, comments and reviews as well as services (e.g. music production etc.).



Websites that distribute modern electronic devices or provide related services. Online establishments dedicated to repair and upgrade of electronics, computer items vendors and other resources that can help stay in tune with technologies and maintain the owned ones.  

Food & Drink


Online resources, the goal of which is to manufacture, distribute or provide a space for discussion of food and beverages. Websites that sell food items or help users compose a personal diet by providing respective recommendations.

Health & Sports


Online resources dedicated to keeping fit and healthcare in general. Websites that can help users stay in shape, schedule their sports activities and provide health-related pieces of advice.