Why support will save your money?

18 September 2017 312

After a long process of developing, your shop has finally opened for business. Around this time, the question of what to do next sharply raises. Do I need to buy support for my brand new and fully functional store?

The clear answer is yes, and it's not just words. Support can be regarded as a guarantee of a good night's rest. After all everybody needs it, right?


So what types of support do we offer?


Preventive maintenance


Preventive maintenance refers to regular, routine maintenance to help keep your store up and running, preventing any unplanned downtime and expensive costs from unanticipated e-commerce failure.


Proactive monitoring


Many problems can be solved before they occur. In OpsWay’s 24*7 support such tools as Pingdom and NewRelic are effective when you want to monitor website updates and server resource usage.


Reactive support


This gives you a leg up in resolving with issues, bugs and makinng change requests using trackers, chats or direct contact with your dedicated project manager.


Support process


Generally there are two big ways to proceed: standardized process or customized for each client. It depends directly on the package that you choose.


Let's look at an example of the average size of the store, which receives about 200 orders per day at an average cost of $70.


Situation 1.


A server may fail from high load during sales or before the holiday season. In the calculation we find that the server’s downtime of 1 hour during the peak season will cost to the store up to $ 1,400 (20 orders per hour at a cost of $70 each). The business's reputation and other costs should also be added to this amount.


Just think about the problems that can be solved using proactive monitoring. OpsWay uses special tools for performance management and monitoring. Autoscaling is another great service that we offer to manage high peak seasons.


Situation 2.


Hardware failure, human error or natural disasters are also reasons why having backup could really save the day for your business.


Just imagine if some of your important data were accidentally deleted or incorrect data were entered. Without backup, recovery can take between 1 hour to 1 day, but some data can be lost forever. So based on the figures this could amount anywhere from $1000 to something substantially higher.


Situation 3.


Every good manager wants to have maximum visualization of all users' movements in the store and add the site’s events, action, pixels… and as a result the site traffic becomes busier and busier. Just remember, users don’t like to wait!


Let’s suppose that every 5th user on the site leaves because they do not have the time to wait.
200/5 = 40 orders lost every day = around $2,800 lost every day!


Situation 4.


Even small things as broken access to magento admin panel, stoked stock import or broken FTP access can cause significant disadvantages. This will increase the order processing time, trigger shipment delays and as a consequence, will result in customers dissatisfaction.


What to consider when choosing your support team:


SLA period, how fast your requests will be accepted and processed (for example, in OpsWay it can vary between 30 minutes to 2 hours at the max)

Operational hours. Do you want to have peace of mind having confidence that your business is operating smoothly at all hours of the day? Сhoose 24*7 support team!

How is the workflow organized? Can it be customized for you?


As the saying goes, "A cheapskate pays twice", and support is exactly on what is worth to invest. Consider not only the price but also the integrated approach, experience, and many other important factors.