Unforgivable mistakes in Instagram optimization

22 November 2017 365

At first, it may seem that we try to discuss the obvious things. But the obvious is most often overlooked. This article is a must-have for those who are just starting to work with Instagram and an excellent "reminder" for experienced people.


You will learn:


  • How to create an Instagram account correctly;
  • What are the common mistakes in the profile’s design;
  • What are the common mistakes in the account maintenance.

And, as a bonus - free methods of promotion on Instagram.

Errors in creating Instagram account

The account must match the name of your brand or be as close to it as possible. There are several rules that need to be considered when generating a nickname.


  • Uniqueness. There is a huge number of nicks like Beauty, Alex, Jane, Superbaby, Cool and so on. Adding a year of birth or «best» will not help. If you want to be recognized anybody on the web at all, first, make sure that Google recognizes you.
  • Brevity. Better make your nickname simple and memorable.
  • Creativity. Spelling is not a law, but a landmark. You can break the spelling if it makes your nickname more expressive and unique.
  • Rules of service. In addition to spaces and special characters, Instagram also forbids the use of words «like» and «follow».

3 questions that your account description must answer

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you located? If you have a local business, be sure to mention in which city it is situated, by address it can be found.
  • How can people contact you? Leave your phone numbers, email.

Having a business account makes it easier. You will have the "Contact" button. If you have a regular account, be sure to specify this information in profile when filling it out.

Errors in maintaining Instagram account

  • Non-observance of the color scale. Try to match colors harmoniously.
  • Photos of poor quality. No one likes to look at blurry, dark images.
  • Repeated posts. Don’t post similar photos and content.
  • Lack of responses to comments. If you don’t answer the comments, people will think your account is dead.
  • Closed profile/comments. It's just a shot at the head of a potential client. The profile must be open.

Errors in the description of products

  • Boring text without a call to action.
  • Absence of hashtags. They work but do not abuse them (hide hashtags in the comments).
  • Lack of geo-tagging. If you have it, users will be able to find you, share a link.

Free methods of promotion on Instagram

  • Subscribe to your target audience. Firstly, find your target audience, where it mostly dwells and what it likes. Then, as it was said above, look for the pens, subscribe to people.
  • Comment and participate in dialogues. When you find your target audience, comment photos. Just do not write commonplace phrases. Better ask some question to initiate a dialogue with a person. In that way, there are more chances that they will subscribe to you. Plus, their friends will see your correspondence, communication in the comments, so they can also decide to subscribe.
  • Shoot videos. Videos provide much more impressions than photos.
  • Use other social networks to promote your Instagram. For example, write Facebook posts with links leading to your profile.