Shopify payment gateways

01 December 2017 1229

A properly working payment gateway is an essential part of every eCommerce Shopify store. It allows your customers to pay comfortably for the goods you sell. It's impossible to build a beneficial business without the payment gateway that fits your particular store.


How to choose Shopify payment gateway correctly?


There are dozens of payment gateways for eCommerce. Which one is the best? No one. Every payment gateway is good in its own “special” way. One is better for Europe, another one is best used in the United States. Everything depends on your needs and location. To find out which one is better for your case, it’s best to look for your option in the Shopify Payment Gateways list.


What about price?


Monthly fee or per transaction? How much will the prices be raised in my store? Can I afford to use that payment gateway or it would be better to look for something else? All these questions are a cornerstone of the payment gateway establishment.


To figure out which is better, you should know exactly how much will you be able to sell. It helps to work out what kind of fee is more beneficial and cheapest. For instance, if you have a stable income every month, it would be better to pay a monthly fee. If not - I would rather choose a payment fee per transaction.


Establishment time


Perhaps, this point is not the most important. But, not as well. For instance, the PayPal payment gateway can be easily installed in a single day from start to finish. On the other hand, the Sage Pay takes a couple of weeks to get installed. But, it’s worth your time.


The most popular Shopify payment gateways


1. PayPal


This payment gateway is a real giant. Hundreds of millions of people are using PayPal daily. And it is a really popular payment gateway for an eCommerce Shopify store. Why? PayPal is reliable and well-known. It works fast and can be established in a single day. But, PayPal has a fee per transactions. It charges 3,4% and 20 cents for each payment.


2. Worldpay


Worldpay gets the second place. It was launched in 1989 and now Worldpay is supported in over 120 countries all over the world. It has a really helpful support and the most beneficial fee payment means. You can choose a monthly fee - $19.95 or a fee per one transaction. It charges 2.75% for each transaction. So, this option is more beneficial if you have no stable income on a monthly basis.


3. Sage Pay


The most popular payment gateway in the United Kingdom. It is flexible and can also allow payment via PayPal if your customers wish so. Another plus of Sage Pay is different fee plans. They start from 19.90 pounds per 350 transactions and rise up to 45 pounds for every 500 transactions. But, it also possible to choose the tariff plan that fits your store.




The payment gateway is a crucial thing for every eCommerce Shopify store. And to choose it correctly, you have to see which one fits all your conditions. Using it you definitely will avoid enormous fees and overpriced goods in your store, which positively affects your salary and total income.


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