Shopify & Buyable Pins on Pinterest Make Your Product Sell

08 November 2017 1197

Modern retail companies which sell various products - from clothing and gifts to houseware, household items, and appliances, tend to open their own online stores, which helps to greatly expand the business. The smart opportunities available nowadays provide an ability to engage more digital-savvy customers and promote the top-quality goods easily and in the fastest possible way. Meanwhile, buyers can shop conveniently from home or any place they wish and find the necessary items within a nick of time. Therefore, business owners need a feature-rich, reliable eCommerce platform and using Shopify buyable pins is a smart, sound decision at that!

Why Shopify?

Shopify is an advanced eCommerce platform that was launched in June 2006 by the Canadian company. The developers were unsatisfied with the existing at the time online selling solutions. Ever since, Shopify provided an efficient and accessible developmental framework for the shop owners and their employees. The platform brings great benefit for startups because it is:


  • customizable;
  • fully-featured;
  • safe;
  • affordable;
  • flexible;
  • quick;
  • reliable.

You get multiple essential features such as shopping cart, blogging and call-back solutions, analytics, and widgets. The platform makes the store and inventory management significantly easier as all the changes in prices and stock balance are detected immediately and automatically. That is why the store employees that usually carry out multiple duties simultaneously save an essential amount of time avoiding routine calculations (including delivery and tax ones) and data comparison tasks.


Thanks to the platform’s employment of cloud database, the precious data are protected in the most reliable way. Additionally, hacker protection and security upgrades are powered by the Shopify company itself.


It is safe to say, considering that modern customers often select goods based on the high-definition pictures, that the looks are extremely important. You can customize your website design selecting the most suitable, beautiful themes, improving the feel and look according to your business purposes via Shopify.


Quite naturally, all innovative SEO and marketing tools are included in the platform. Shopify hosts your existing domain so you can sell goods just from your webpage. All in all, as you can clearly see, working with Shopify is a real digital business pleasure.


Shopify Pins on Pinterest

Thanks to the Shopify and Pinterest partnership, customers can now buy goods directly through the Pinterest app. Sellers promote their products when they become “Buyable Pins”. This feature offered by the Pinterest company is a pretty new one. When the users see a blue price pin, it means that they can buy the item without leaving the application. Multiple payment methods such as Apple Pay, credit card, etc. are accepted. So, buying is safe and simple for modern, forward-looking buyers. The purchase process is streamlined; customers do not need to visit several websites, they get the detailed product information with pictures immediately instead.


Pinterest does not take any fees from sales monetizing from the pins. Therefore, enabling the feature is easy and beneficial for the sellers and retailers that use the Shopify platform. The minor downside is that the buying option is currently available only for the iPad and iPhone owners. Meanwhile, online shopping is becoming easier and more accessible day by day. So, let’s hope that we will see the great new features on Android devices as well soon!

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