Preparing and Creating Triggered Emails: How to Grow ROI by 650%?

25 July 2018 3595

Our partner Artefact.St has prepared and shared with us its case on triggered emails and their influence on ROI. Artefact.St demonstrates that it can grow by 650%. Moreover income from triggered emails comprised about 17% of the company's total revenue, and its costs were minimal compared to other ways of advertising (contextual advertising, SMM). Have we got your attention yet? Keep reading.


Nowadays, the focus of online marketing is moving from attracting a lot of new visitors to personal work with each subscriber. That is increasing conversion on each stage and more effective spending of advertising tools. There are lots of tools for advertising online, one of them and very important is triggered emails.


Triggered emails are different from regular emails, because they are not designed for mass mailing. They are individual reactions of the site on customer's actions. It allows you to find more personalized way of communication with the customer. The main and the biggest advantage of triggered emails is that they are based on customer's interests. Another one, but not less important, actually their advantage is high openability. That means that users are more likely to open them, cause they give information users are interested in or search.


There are several user’s actions in case of which triggered emails can be sent:

  • When user leaves a basket and hasn’t finished a purchase. Check the screenshot that visualizes the case:

Unfortunately it is a very common problem for online stores.Triggered emails are one of the ways to solve it. They remind users that there is a number of goods in the basket, but they are still not purchased.

  • Reactivation email:

In this case users receive information about sales, new delivery conditions, new goods on the site etc.

  • Welcome emails after successful sign up:

In these types of triggered emails a user typically receives sign up confirmation with login and password to his/her private account, if it is generated automatically. Additionally you can include there information about sales and bonuses.


Triggered emails can:

- increase conversion. According to our data, on average Welcome emails open up to 80% of users, Abandoned baskets emails - up to 50% of users

- increase brand loyalty

- automate processes. You will spend time on improvement of emails instead of creating and typing them


We would like to share our sucsuccessful experience of preparing and creating Triggered Emails for one of our clients - Mebel-IKEA store


Main objective: to increase the number of customers and orders using triggered emails

After launching triggered e-mails the number of users noticeably increased.


Actions performed to achieve the objectives:

1. We analyzed types of automatic emails and chose the most relevant type for the given project

2. We created a chain of letters for triggered emails

3. We prepared design of emails

4. We wrote text for messages to be displayed on the triggered emails


We made the thorough analysis:

- of people, who are clients in Mebel-IKEA

- of adaptability of the site to interact with search engines and user-friendliness


Tools we have used:

- automatic services such as eSputnik for sending triggered emails

- constructor for letters Stripo email

- Google Analytics for analyzing

This is how a chain of emails of the abandoned cart looks like:

Another example - here is how  the chain of welcome emails looks like:

Stripo Constructor for emails


We developed the following strategy :

1. To create a gradual chain of actions in case of which user will receive an automatic email:

- after filling in the form

- greeting email after user’s subscription

- welcome-series of emails

- abandoned basket

- abandoned view

- congratulations with Birthday

- reactivation emails

- to leave a review of the store

2. To write unique texts

3. To develop design for each email that corresponds with the colors and style of IKEA, in order to be recognized immediately after opening

4. To give instructions for developers (codes to be installed in order to see the needed information).


As a result of this advertisement campaign, we achieved:

The growth of  income from the triggered mailing - ROI 650%. We found out that income from triggered emails is about 17% of the company's total revenue, and its costs are minimal compared to other ways of advertising (contextual advertising, SMM). To sum up, triggered emails is an effective tool of communication with the target audience, as you could see during this case study.

Prepared by our partner Artefact.St.

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