PHP Frameworks Day 2016

18 November 2016 1976

Hi everyone.


My name is Alexandr Vronskiy. I am lead developer and DevOps at OpsWay.


On Saturday I attended PHP Frameworks Day  conference in Kiev and decided to share my story, opinions and emotions concerning this issue.


Start with answering why I wanted to get there and a little pre-story. It’s simple, I know organizers of the conference personally and we met when conference was called Zend framework Day.


Before that we were communication on forum, after we met, made friends and since then I attend their conferences.


For starters, it was the biggest conference for all 4 years, respectively the number of sponsors and presents was big.


It started as usual: participant’s package with traditional notebook with conference logo and commercial stuff from sponsors, applications filling etc. Gala opening, division of the common room with the wall and starting of 2 flows of reports. First report I listened to -  Extremely Defensive PHP (Marco Pivetta). It’s the coolest person who I noticed by his activities on github under login "Ocramius" mostly in zend framework and doctrine community (he’s one of the core contributors). His report must be listened by all PHP-developers. Certainly, there’s only his opinion (what he mentioned repeatedly).


The next report that I listened to -  Zend Framework 3 - evolution or revolution. I talked to him on previous conferences, so I definitely knew what to expect. Though he report itself was familiar to me, it’s always useful to listen to a person with the real practice. For those who didn’t work with zf2 and has no idea what’s psr-7 the report may seem boring.


On the third report  Doctrine Best Practices Marko was talking again, and it was awesome one more time, but more specifically about the doctrine and related to it issues. Almost sure, that parallel report from Sasha (one of the organizers) about monitoring was also great, but I couldn’t not to listen to Marco. After his 2 reports I realized that I have to rewrite the whole Boodmo project. The situations described in the reports were too real. )) there was lunch after (btw, quite delicious, meat or fish on choice and lots of appetizers) and first holy wars with speakers. Almost nobody finished reports on time (40 mins), there was not much time for questions, so that communication was compensated on the coffee-breaks and lunch.


After lunch I listened quite useful report Data, Context, Interaction – programming paradigm from the MVC pattern author (Igor Karpenko). The topic itself is interesting, as it turned I had already used DCI paradigm on the intuitive level having no idea about that. And I agree that technology is applicable quite limitedly, however it’s desirable to know about it.


The next on the flow were French from Bla-Bla-Car - 25+ millions members in 22 countries, how to scale with Symfony 2 (Olivier Dolbeau, Benjamin De Bernardi),oh, that wonderful French accent, real nostalgia for the smile, who knows – will understand me . ))


Guys told how quickly and cool they started a project on symphony and in what obstacle that project turned after. It was really interesting to listed to their experience, it motivates to change technologies on projects in time according to the needs, but not to waste the time, or it will be more painful and expensive.


The last report PHP at Scale: Knowing enough to be dangerous! (Aleksey Petrov) was common with no wall between the flows – the speaker conveyed the report in an interesting and funny way. After the report there was a panel discussion with all the speakers and finally, up to the evening the most interesting started – prizes and afterparty.


Obviously I’m not really lucky, I won no bike no 250$ from JetBrains, no license on PhpStorm, no T-shirts, no cool table, not even php elephant. Though I had some hope for the elephant – you were supposed to guess the number of people on conference (those who were closest were given an elephant), I counted 460 with complicated calculations. Really it was 452. I was mistaken only for 8 people. And there were 8 elephants, so there was not elephant for me ))


After party on the open area of the restaurant started 1 hour later (due to the lack of time which I mentioned before), there was free pot with snacks and 1 beer of local manufacturers. Anything else was on you + live music. My phone was discharged by that time completely, so I don’t have any pictures of that moment. So I think there’s no need to describe what happened next )) Here it is, short story how I spent Saturday.


Awesome post! I read your blog fairly often, and you are continuously coming up with some good staff. I shared this post on my Facebook, and my followers loved it!
Good luck for the future.

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