Migrating CRM with Highrise CRM

18 September 2017 1515

Migrating CRM with Highrise CRM


Task: Moving contacts, emails, notes, tags, cases, deals etc. from one Highrise account to another.



Migrating your contacts, emails, notes, tags, conversations etc. using Highrise CRM can be challenging at times. In fact, sometimes you encounter difficulties arising from the Highrise’s built-in tools and thus it becomes impossible to do so. See snapshot below for the script.


Recently, we tried to move to our new Highrise account having split the old one into two companies, and we needed to migrate our contacts, emails, tags, notes etc.. Due to the complications in the Highrise built-in tools, this was not possible and we decided to do it our own way. We developed a script in PHP, based on the Highrise’s API that enabled us to transfer all our contacts, emails, notes, tags, conversations, deals, cases and many more that we needed to move into the new account- all at once. It worked so well, and we are happy our team of developers make it possible when we needed them.


This script will help you transfer your contacts to your new Highrise accounts easily and faster, and save you the hassle when you ran into difficulties while trying to transfer your contacts using Highrise. see snapshot of the PHP scipt.



To wrap it up, we decide to uploaded to GitHub for everyone to enjoy for free and improve if need be. You can access it here: https://github.com/opsway/highrise-migrate. Enjoy!!

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