Magento Frontend Performance Optimization

18 September 2017 199

When it comes to online shopping, it’s important to provide your users with a fast experience. In fact, research has shown that faster websites earn faster revenues and users leave websites after mere three seconds if it does not perform well.


Basically, a slower website means slow sales, and this could be potentially dangerous to your business. Even a single second delay on your Magento Frontend could lead to loss of sales.


That is why you always need to make sure your website is running at an ideal speed. But, of course, it is easier said than done. A lot of activities need to be monitored and optimized, and if you are new to this, we strongly suggest getting professional help.



How can OpsWay help



With our amazing team of experts at OpsWay, you can be sure that your online store’s backend is always running at a smooth and a fast pace.


We can help you optimize your page load speed by:


Eliminating render-blocking Javascript and CSS in above-the-fold content


Render means loading, so render-blocking means the elements on your web page that are preventing it from loading. It could be a Javascript or CSS. It’s important to identify all those elements and eliminate them.



Reducing server response time



When you click on anything on your website’s web page, the web browser requests the server for information and the server responds by giving back the information. The time taken between both of these events is called server response time. No matter how optimized the images, JSS and CSS are, if the server response time is not low, the website load time would be high.



Leveraging browser caching



The browser cache remembers the last time a user accessed your website and it saves certain components from the website so that the next time the user comes back to your website, some of the components are already locally available and the load time is less.


By leveraging browser cache, your website loads faster for both repeat customers and users who have shared resources.


Minifying Javascript, CSS, and HTML


Minifying your Javascript, CSS, and HTML codes means getting rid of all the extra characters and codes that are not needed but, are slowing down the page load process.



Implementation of lazy loading



Lazy loading means certain elements on the page are only loaded when they are needed, and not before that. This obviously speeds up the page load time.


Optimizing images  If you have an online store, you would already know how important it is to have high quality images on the website. But, high-quality means big file size which would completely slow down your website speed. Image optimization makes sure that the quality of pictures stay intact.



In Summary



Optimizing your website’s frontend is extremely important to keep users engaged and making sure your website sales are always on the high end. With OpsWay’s help, you can be assured that your online store is being handled by the best professionals in the business.