Magento Admin Panel - Log-In Made Easy

18 September 2017 213
Are you one of the fans of Onelogin, the authentication cloud-based system that ensures the one-click log-in into all the web apps?
We decided to use this powerful tool to make your authentication process into the Magento Backend (Admin Panel) extra easy. Via the Opsway_Onelogin Module.
Opsway_Onelogin Module, the absolutely free Magento-based extension, that allows to identify a user via the Onelogin authentication data. The one thing  you absolutely need is that you should create the application in and in several steps enjoy the one-click access to the plenty of web applications as well as trouble-free log-in into the Magento Admin Panel. 
The extension has been tested on the Magento CE 1.7+, Magento EE 1.13 versions.
How does it work?
Module adds a link "Login via Onelogin" on backend login form. Following this links initiates series of redirects that are described by SAML 2.0 standart. User authenticates against application and then information about user email is sent to Magento. Magento authenticate user by email and let him in.
How to use it?
You should create application in if you do not have already the one.
We are using "OneLogin SAML Test (IdP)" as a base. You can set Credentials as "Shared" and put Email you need to let all users login through one Magento account
You should copy two things:
  • application ID, which can be found in url:
  • X.509 certificate
Now you can copy module to your Magento folder and configure it. Go to System->Configuration->Developer->Onelogin and put application ID and certificate that you found on previous step.
Flush Magento caches and you are done - you can now click on "Login via Onelogin" and see how magic happens
Still have any questions. please contact us