Huge Success Straight Out of A Parking Lot: How Brian Lim Did It

02 December 2017 1202

Passion and love for one’s own thing can help an aspiring entrepreneur achieve great heights. Having only a beloved hobby and a desire to contribute to it can be enough to implement a business project that would bring unpredictably successful results. That has been proven, in particular, by our hero’s experience.


Brian Lim used to sell his original product - gloves embedded with LED lights, out of trunk of his car on a fast food restaurant’s parking lot. He got kicked out of there, eventually, but the dedication to ambitious, as it turned out, business did not die out a bit.

Now, Brian is CEO of not one but three successful brands dedicated mostly to rave culture and artistic self-expression: EmazingLights - gloves and other LED embedded items vendor, Lim’s initial business project that pioneered the “gloving” movement; iHeartRaves - distributor of rave clothing and festival fashion items; INTO THE AM - online-store that sells clothes with original, vibrant design.

Brian Lim rolled the profits into the $20 million/year business he now manages.


Everything started when Brian Lim found himself a new hobby in “gloving” - rave and EDM related dance form popular at respective festivals. When he first tried dancing with the “flashy” gloves on, he was mesmerized and immediately fell in love with it. Getting high quality gloves of that kind, however, appeared to be almost impossible at the time.

“There was a gap in the marketplace for good LED light toys, specifically for "gloving" - says Lim.


That was the main reason that pushed Lim to start his own business and provide fans of rave and EDM all over the world with quality LED accessories.


It may seem hard to believe but, originally, Lim invested only $100 into his first project. He was not afraid to take the opportunity and rolled the profits into the $20 million/year business he now manages.


Currently, Brian Lim’s main responsibilities include development of business strategies, organizational architecture, capital alignment and others.
Mr. Lim gladly shares tips concerning various aspects of business management.

“Social networks are the best place to get traffic, especially if you are a newcomer.”


In particular, he says that social networks are the best place to get traffic, especially if you are a newcomer. Gathering traffic there can help “get proof of concept before dumping dollars into paid ads”.

He also notes that email marketing is important as well. “Automated drip campaigns are crucial. Win-back series, top customers series, etc.” - Mr. Lim says.


According to our hero, the most important lessons he learned from the rapid growth of his online-stores is that relationships and networking are crucial in project’s development. Proper management of these aspects can pave the way for a great success.


As seen on the example of Lim’s experience, however, as business grows larger, initial areas of distribution and platforms become less capable of handling increasing amount of clients and their requests. Numerous customer base requires complex systems for information processing.


Three years ago, EmazingLights worked on Magento, very popular online marketing platform, which proved to be incapable of coping with rapidly developing business.

“We struggled with Magento and had frequent site down issues and couldn't scale.”


Mr. Lim had to fix that issue and the only solution was to change the initial platform. The decision was ultimately reinforced when EmazingLights got featured on popular reality show - Shark Tank. Lim spent $200,000 to prepare the website for oncoming traffic, which failed and the Magento-supported site went down anyway.

Eventually, the founder have chosen Shopify Plus - technologically advanced e-commerce platform. “I hated Magento and found Shopify Plus. Did many spreadsheets comparing the two products and ultimately went with Shopify.”


The platform migration solved a lot of technical issues and provided Lim with more accessible way to support his cause.


“After migration to Shopify Plus website design and maintenance became much simpler to handle. Choosing a great theme that you can adjust and tweak yourself will save you tons of money. There also appeared a possibility to scale. We have been happy with such decision ever since.” - says Lim.


Brian Lim came from $100 to managing several expensive businesses.


While sharing his wisdom with those just starting out, Lim points out that being passionate and dedicated to one’s cause should be the ultimate goal of potentially successful entrepreneur’s business activities.

“Find the sweet spot of your passion and direct all your strengths into its realization!” - Mr. Lim emphasizes.


As you can see, huge investments and capitals are nothing compared to ambitious person’s desire to do a thing they most passionate about. Brian Lim came from $100 to managing several expensive businesses and all this time he was driven by desire to enhance the visual aesthetics of his beloved rave culture.


The main thing we can learn from Brian’s success is that one must never be afraid to follow a dream, especially if one has good intentions in mind!


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