How to run a quick security check of your Magento store

13 November 2017 612

Magento is currently one of the most flexible eCommerce platforms out there. It is completely open source and can be modified according to any of your needs. It has one downside, however. Namely, hackers or other people with bad intentions can infiltrate your Magento web-store’s source. It is easy to detect a bug or some other vulnerability in the platform, so the store can be hacked or, even worse, stolen!


Now, calm down, don’t panic, everything is alright. Just run a security check!


Magento development team is actively gathering info on all possible vulnerabilities or flaws. For most professional developers protecting Magento-based online stores is not really a big deal. There were also a lot of Magento security patches released. It is very important that your web-store employes them as they can safely guarantee that your data and even the whole online store would not be stolen.

How to run a quick security check of my Magento store?


The most important patches right now are:

  • SUPEE-5344;
  • SUPEE-7405;
  • SUPEE-8788.

This is not nearly a complete list of patches though. To check which particular part of your store needs protection you can use It is an easy way to run the Magento security check. Analyzing your website it shows which patches it requires critically and notifies you when they are out. MageReport was made also by the Magento development team to protect the serviceable merchants and customers.


Magento security check shows the list of all patches not yet installed in your store. It highlights the most important ones as red; less important ones as yellow and not important patches as grey. MageReport also provides you with tips and issues as to every shown patch.

Is Magento security check on 100% accurate?

It is, unfortunately, not. This eCommerce platform is so flexible because of its editable open source. Magento does not want to invade your store even while being the owners of the platform. Thus, security checks everything externally without looking into a website’s code. So, there are potentially some flaws that cannot be defined.

What can I do in such case?

Go through each and every “red” and “yellow” patch with your developers. Have them make sure that everything is in place. If you have trustworthy, reliable developers, you will obviously get a well-protected online store. If not - there is no way you can be completely sure as to those patches. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to choose only the trusted officially licensed developers. Rest assured that they know how to protect your Magento-based internet store!