How To Enhance Shopify Store Performance With Rich Snippets

10 November 2017 1424

Making a Rich Snippet is a great way to enhance the performance of your eCommerce Shopify store. The most common purpose of rich snippets is to provide an information about a website before you visit it. That way you can actually know if it is useful for you or not and not waste excessive time. An eCommerce Shopify snippet is the effective tool in capturing the customers’ attention. That is why it is pretty important to employ them.

Furthermore, the rich snippets help search engines to specify your website’s topic. It is a very useful SEO feature. Rich Shopify Snippets can instantly enhance a website's rating and a position in a Google search results and, therefore, gain more attraction. It is only a small part of the benefits a feature provides though. The potential is huge!

How to set up effective snippets for eCommerce Shopify store?

Even if your website is not positioned first or second in Google search, you can still get a lot of visitors just by having a nice rich snippet. How to make one? There are a few tips on that matter:


  • Strong and informative title - obvious;
  • Interesting and easy-to-read description - obvious;
  • Indication of service rating - rich snippets;
  • Picture or video with a product's review - rich snippets.


The last two tips demonstrate the difference the rich snippets make as opposed to just the snippets. And that difference is huge! So huge that, in turn, a difference between the first and the third position in the Google search results can be eliminated. That was proven by a marketing investigation!

Why are Rich Snippets more effective?

Rich Snippets highlight your Shopify store. They make your website look way more attractive. On that matter, an investigation was conducted.

There were three websites taking part in the investigation. Two of them, situated in the first and the third position in the Google search results respectively, did not get any rich snippets. Just a usual title and a description. The one placed in a second position, however, got a rich snippet with a rating and an attached video review. These are the results:


  • 1 position - 48% clicks - without media;
  • 2 position - 61% clicks - with media;
  • 3 position - 35% clicks - without media.

Considering this investigation it is easy to recognize an extensive effectiveness of the rich snippets. Even being on the third or fourth position it is easy to attract customers to your eCommerce Shopify based web-store. That is why it would be better to spend your resources to improve a website’s snippet and not to keep it constantly in the first position. In such manner, an attractive rich snippet will gain better rating in a search engine and improve the position in search results.

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