Have you tested your Magento store for security?

10 September 2017 196

Using an open source platform for your eсommerce project should be a well-thought and balanced decision, some day you may realize that keeping the store secure may take additional efforts.


To invest in Magento security is always a wise decision. Far too many companies invest nothing in security until it is too late. It doesn’t need to be a huge amount though — small investment with someone competent is much better than nothing, but it does need to be a recurring investment. 


With a proven expertise and huge experience in 24x7 Magento support, we have developed own approach to Magento security. 


OpsWay can offer comprehensive Magento security audit. Let our specialiststest your store to ensure it's safety and compliance. You will get the detailed code audit report and security recommendations.


Recent case we have had


A huge retail company with Magento EE store complained that store performance decreased drastically.


The audit revealed that it has been breached via Shoplift vulnerability, new admin users were added to Magento and store information including customer and order data was compromised.


In that case intrusion was possible due to outdated Magento version and insecure server configuration. It took less than 4 hours to clean all the hack results, install security patches, restore normal store performance and set monitoring up to prevent any next attempts.


If  you haven't tested your store for security or you have any problems with store performance — contact us and order a security audit!


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