Free Magento Security Audit

18 August 2017 286

Seeing sites that have open security issues or performing badly is a real pain for us. So we decided to offer part of our time for making "Internet better". Of course this is a limited time offer.


Just now, you can get a black box audit of your Magento store from OpsWay. Just tell us your site domain and your email to send a report.


Audit will cover:


  • security issues (any hot vulnerabilities you may not be aware of)
  • performance issues (yes, we know that Magento is slow)
  • mail configuration and anti-SPAM protection


Here is an example of report you can can get.


Of course, not so much can be seen from external and if you need a detailed report we'll need to work with hosting and your code.


But current offer is a solid step forward a better world!