eCommerce Shipping Solution: How to Ship 336,764 Kg with No Extra Effort

18 November 2017 2239

Selling online nowadays is not really a difficult affair which can be handled by almost anyone. There are many user-friendly tools that provide simple means of setting up a nice looking e-shop with a functioning payment system and bringing it online. The complicated part begins with the need to handle fulfilments and actual order shipments. Those processes can be very complex to cope with and cause performance problems, especially for companies looking to expand internationally.

The hero of this interview saw the problem clearly and decided to help make the life of digital marketing entrepreneurs much easier. Paul Lugagne Delpon, an entrepreneur who cares about the progress of eCommerce, is a co-founder of Easyship - an online shipping platform that helps various brands and eCommerce sellers arrange, conduct, and track the shipments online without the excessive effort.

“Our goal, our vision is that any business no matter the size should be able to sell internationally.” - says Paul. “Our company put much effort into removing the pain of coping with order fulfillment and such from the online sellers’ lives by giving them the tools for easy shipping.”

“Easyship allows eCommerce stores to sell internationally with 100+ shipping solutions.”

Easyship has been actively performing on the eCommerce market for 3 years already and its staff has since grown up to 38 employees. With almost 60K of total visits, it is now a successful establishment employed by eCommerce stores, traders, brands, warehouses, etc. But let’s take a look at how everything started. 


The beginning

According to Paul, the original idea came from his two other co-founders - Augustin Ceyrac and Tomasso Tamburnotti. They were working for Lazada at that time - a marketplace in Southeast Asia, which had been bought by Alibaba. They were in charge of setting up the marketplace in Hong Kong and helping sellers with cross-border sales.


“They realized that there was a huge pain for the sellers in figuring out their way into international shipping and it was slowing down the sales.” - tells our hero. “So, they searched for a tool or a solution that would provide the required information and make things easier. There was no such thing available at the time so they decided to build it.”


That is, essentially, how everything started. The entrepreneurs partnered up and began the establishment of Easyship. Paul took care of the technical side while two other co-founders did purely business.  

“We built first 20 customers even before the project launch.”

The partners built the initial customer base before the project was launched. The first 20 people lined up to try and employ the fresh idea before the release of the first version of Easyship. It is important to notice that Paul and his partners value customer feedback and consider it to be the ultimate way of improving the product and the business as a whole.


“We have many ways of gathering feedback - from customer service to the chat system on the platform.” - says Paul. “We talk to customers all the time to get as much response as possible. We never consider that we have achieved the finished product, we want to always get feedback to constantly improve.” 

Shipping made easy

We already know that the main goal of Easyship is to simplify the shipment routine of eCommerce entrepreneurs. But how exactly do they do that, apart from providing shipment tracking and the shipping services as a whole? Suppose you packed your product and it is ready for transportation. The next thing would be the choice of means of transportation, which is not a simple process.

Your usual post office is only one of the many possible transportation means out there to pick from. It is also, usually, not the fastest one and if you sell abroad you may want to ship your goods with an express solution. But then again, there are many different transporters like that, many different shipping companies. So the first task is an indication of the company that is able to ship your particular goods to a certain destination. 


“For example, if you're shipping an iPhone and you want to sell it to US or Argentina, there will be different regulations, different constraints.” - says our hero. “Some shipping companies will not be able to ship your product because it contains a battery or because it contains some other dangerous items.”


Easyship maps all the shipping companies and the products and provides the clients with the most fitting options. All you need to worry about is your product and business management. The company’s useful services do not end there, however. Easyship also provides consultations on the subject of international shipping taxations. 


“Obviously, you would want to expand as a business in order to make more sales.” - says Paul. “To do that, you have to be not limited to your domestic market and start making international sales. That is not possible without the knowledge of respective taxes. So, that's another thing we do. We provide information about all the taxes and regulations and all the import documents that you need to ship internationally.”

The partners spent quite a substantial amount of time on data-crunching in order to collect all the required data. They had to go through a ton of government websites and contact some couriers and post offices directly so that not a single regulation is missed. Now, the platform applies a self-running algorithm to fulfill the required data.

“There is no setup fee, no subscription fee, it's encouraged to be free of use.”

The interesting thing about the Easyship is that it is entirely free to use and you only have to pay for the shipping labels which are bought individually. “We charge the users on the per label basis. So, it's entirely free to use, you only pay for the shipping labels that you buy.” - our hero notes.


The company’s ambitions as a successful eCommerce are to expand and conquer the new territories. According to Paul, the clients always want to have more housing capacity in other countries. The company has a number of locations under consideration and in the nearest future, they are looking to open up somewhere in Europe.

Long way to the top

Besides all the information gathering, which obviously took a lot of time, the hardest parts of launching the business were building the team and building a culture in its framework.


“As a founder, I focus a lot of my time on the product and its improvement.” - says Paul. “But what we wanted to do is to have a team that believes in the project, that is passionate about eCommerce. We spent a tremendous amount of time building a team culture and that was quite challenging.”


Paul also adds that startups are trendy nowadays and many people want to try and work out a startup. However, they do not necessarily understand what it takes and means to find people who really want to make a change.  

Standing out among the others

The platform can be directly integrated with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Amazon and other shopping platforms. Furthermore, the company helps to significantly lower the shipment costs (it is much cheaper than employing FedEx services, for instance).

“We have a very ambitious vision and care a lot about our customers and commitment to eCommerce. Our reasonable costs may be the reason why customers come to us in the first place when they hear about us.” - our hero notes. “But what really keeps them with us is that we remove commerce barriers.”


Paul puts significant focus on overall simplicity of the services and wants the Easyship to develop in that direction. “Now, people have their phones and can track the sales.” - says Paul. “Ultimately, nobody wants to use 10 different tools for shipment management, among other things. They want everything centralized in two or three tools and we want to keep improving the interconnection between the tools and make everything much more accessible.”


Paul’s company’s cause is ultimately good and useful for the entrepreneurs and digital business people all over the world. With the goal to help sellers expand globally and make international eCommerce as easy as domestic, Paul and his colleagues managed to implement their beneficial concept and make it into a successful eCommerce with the Easyship. 


“We have a very ambitious vision and care a lot about our customers and commitment to eCommerce.” - notes Paul. “Our main difference is the intentional aspect. There is no other company that helps any type of seller, from small to large, to sell abroad easily. There are companies that will gladly help you if you have 10.000 orders per day. We are not of that kind. We present a tool for anyone and that's our main difference.”


The company’s medium-term plan is to expand. Having established positions in two major eCommerce hubs - Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as in the United States, Easyship does not intend to stop growing and has a successful international expansion in mind. We wish them best of luck and hope that this interview may serve as a motivation and push for your entrepreneurial ambitions to grow without the boundaries. 

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