Are you in a lack of professional development resources? Do you want to avoid hiring?

10 September 2017 657

We can hire a developer team for you, share our resources in numerous frontend and backend technologies! 


Our developers are skilled in most popular technologies (front & backend) and they work in different time zones.



    OpsWay offers different models of creating a dedicated team! 

    What can it be?


    A dedicated developer


    You can choose from available developers or we can hire required profile for you. You manage his yourself, you don’t have visibility on this salary or any other payments. See more about flexible hiring → 


    Оur developers are skilled in all popular back & front end technologies. 


    Just 3 examples of CVs from our team:


    Cost + developers


    The developers are hired especially for you. OpsWay takes care about office, desc, infrastructure, his cookies and much more. You pay salary (full transparency) + Opsway’s services.


    You manage them yourself. In this case, you can directly manage your costs — decide to hire more expensive or less expensive developer.  

    We can lower your costs by moving your development office to a cheaper country such as — Ukraine, Russia or Poland. This will save your money, as well as time for management. 


    Cloud development


    You give your task to OpsWay, provide guidelines, required deadline, confirm price before we start and… just wait for the result.

    OpsWay takes care about development process and the most important — about thegreat result. You don’t interact with developers directly.
    In this case, OpsWay keeps all the risks. 

    This solution is highly scalable as you can give us a small task, sprint or full project.


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