It is time to find out how to determine the proper space in between images in a certain category. We also choose an ultimate leaders between our finalists.


In this article, we consider the various and numerous spheres and industries in which  Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be beneficially applied. NLP is a sub-division of artificial intelligence and computer linguistics.


The lead developer and DevOps at OpsWay - Alexandr Vronskiy attended PHP Frameworks Day 2016 conference in Kyiv. Here are his impressions and thoughts on upcoming innovations and new technical concepts.


Suppose you managed to successfully develop an online-store. When you open up for business, you must know essentially what to do next and set clear objectives. Support is very important in further web-store management and can save a lot of time and money,  


Security is one of the most important aspects in eCommerce management on which many other technical issues rely. Keeping an open-source solution secure can be a difficult task, and there are some points which can significantly help.


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There is a prominent event coming up in the Magento development sphere. Do not miss an opportunity to discuss technical issues with the real professional.


Do not miss out on the useful tips for your Magento management. Collected here are handy tips and recommendations gathered from the best articles and manuals from our blog.


The loading speed and overall performance of a web-store is crucial for online shoppers. Nobody likes to wait in line, especially while making purchases from home. In order to provide the users with the smoothest most rapid performance, an elaborate frontend performance optimization is required.


What benefits can automated software testing bring? This article tells just that by analyzing in what way can certain aspects of web-development be aided by this elaborate process.


React has become a pretty prominent solution over the years. Front-end community seems to buzz about it nonstop. While it continues to gain popularity, we analyze its benefits so that you know its general strengths.


There are various solutions dedicated to testing your online-store. This article tries to analyze and ultimately suggest which is better - authentic device or emulator testing, by comparing both options.