React has become a pretty prominent solution over the years. Front-end community seems to buzz about it nonstop. While it continues to gain popularity, we analyze its benefits so that you know its general strengths.


There are various solutions dedicated to testing your online-store. This article tries to analyze and ultimately suggest which is better - authentic device or emulator testing, by comparing both options.


If you are familiar with certain aspects of web-development, you probably know that there is no proper, effective testing without QA. This infographic explains why outsourcing this aspect can be beneficial.


Not everyone can handle migration of contacts, emails, notes, tags, conversations etc. via Highrise CRM. That is mostly due to complexity in function of some of Highrise’s built-in tools. We present you the guide that can help you with the migrating procedure.


The lead developer and DevOps at OpsWay - Alexandr Vronskiy attended PHP Frameworks Day 2016 conference in Kyiv. Here are his impressions and thoughts on upcoming innovations and new technical concepts.


In our digital world, people are purchasing products online almost every minute. That is why the buyers’ credit card security and privacy are so important. In order to provide secure payments for users all over the world, a PCI DSS standard has been developed, which is described in the article.